How to order of SX series
How to order of SX series
How to order of SX series
number 1 Head size 1 φ15mm
3 φ10mm
number 2 Guard Material 1 Liquid crystal polymer (for low temp.)
2 SUS304 (for high temp.)
number 3 Pipe angle 1 Straight
2 45 degrees
3 90 degrees
4 90 degrees (elbow)
number 4 Thermocouple K Chromel-Alumel
E Chromel-Constantan
number 5 Pipe length 00 30mm
01 100mm
02 200mm
10 1000mm
15 1500mm
20 2000mm
number 6 Grip type 1 With grip
number 7 Cable type
see cable page
TPC Polyurethane
number 8 Cable Length 1 1000mm
number 9 Plug
see plug page
number 1Head Size
number 1Head material
Head Size and Form
number 3Pipe Angle

You can choose Pipe Angle as below.

Pipe Angle
number 5Pipe Length
Pipe Length
When the pipe length 600mm (Symbol:06) or more, the pipe outer diameter closed to the head is φ10mm (length: 300mm), and the pipe outer diameter close to the grip is φ20mm.
Example of a probe of pipe length 600mm or more.
Pipe Length
Tolerance ±2.5°C (at 100°C surface)
Response time 1.0 s
Durability Rank See Technical Guide page
* : Number
■ : Thermocouple type K or E
t : Measured temperature
SX-16*■ / SX-36*■
Temperature range Tolerance (Surface)
0°C ≦ t ≦ 300°C ±2.5°C
SX-17*■ / SX-37*■
Temperature range Tolerance (Surface)
0°C ≦ t < 333°C ±2.5°C
333°C ≦ t ≦ 500°C ±(0.0075╳|t|)°C
500°C < t ≦ 700°C ±(0.015╳|t|)°C
700°C < t ≦ 800°C ±(0.02╳|t|)°C