Model HD-1000 series thermometers allow easy temperature measurement.
These general-purpose thermometers can be used for on-site temperature measurement and various other applications.
Model AP-400 series thermometers have built-in printers for on-the-spot printing of measurement data.
The products in the FL Series can measure temperatures in environments subject to high-frequency waves, microwaves, or high voltages-areas where electric thermometers such as thermocouples, platinum resistance temperature detectors, and thermistors are typically ineffective.
Model ACSII series products are temperature calibration systems for surface temperature and internal temperature measuring devices.
Temperatures can be set across a wide range, from room temperature to 500°C. these calibration systems are designed for calibration or to check temperature measuring probes.
Model AM-8000 series thermometers are compact handheld units that store measurement data in memory.
Data held in memory can then be transferred to a PC via dedicated software for later analysis or other use.
AR-6500 series infrared thermometers are capable of non-contact temperature measurement and come with contact type thermometer functions.
HS Series thermometers designed for exclusive use with the CR Series soldering iron tip temperatue probes. The HS-30K measures temperatures omly, while the HS-50K can measure temperature. resistance between soldering iron tip and ground, and leakage voltage.