HD-1000 series
Input connector
2 types of connectors available
anp type
ANP : Miniature size connector
Model : HD-1*5
asp type
ASP : Standard size connector
Model : HD-1*0
Model HD-1500 · HD-1550
Model HD-1550
The thermometer stops measurement by the HOLD key and holds the present readings.
auto power-off
Auto power-off
The thermometer will turn the power off automatically after 5minutes.
resolution change
Resolution change
Press the 1/0.1 key to change the resolution of readings.
P/V hold
P/V Hold
The peak (Max.) value and the valley (Min.) value can be displayed by the P/V HOLD key on the sub-display.
The backlight will operate by the Backlight key and the LCD display will be visible even in a dark place.
memory function
Memory function
Stores readings at user-selected time intervals.
User specified time interval and the remaining amount of memory are displayed on the sub-display.
The playback function allows you to check data stored in memory.
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Supplied accessories
test report
Test report
soft case
Soft case model : SCHD
(Thermometer not included)
hand strap
Hand strap
(Thermometer not included)
Supplied accessories by model · Optional accessories
Supplied accessories by model
communication cable
Communication cable
Model : AM-USB (for USB)
Software (CD-ROM)
Model : AMS-100
Optional accessories
Model : AD-115-500-HR-R
(for AC115)
Model : AD-220-500-HR-R
(for AC220)
* Not CE-approval
Data stored in memory can be transmitted to a personal computer through USB interface and can converted into CSV files.
download data
Easily create graphs and tables from CSV files by Microsoft® Excel® or other spreadsheet software.
download data

Operational environment os software (AMS-100)    Software download
OS Microsoft® Windows® 7, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10
Memory · Hard-disk space Normal operating environment of OS
* All PCs under the recommended environment are not guaranteed to work successfully with AMS-100.
* AMS-100 can be used only by the user that has a system administrative right (Adoministrator)
* AMS-100 does not support Mac OS.
* Microsoft® Windows® 7, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10, and Excel® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.