HD-1000 series
Input connector
2 types of connectors available
anp type
ANP : Miniature size connector
Model : HD-1*5
asp type
ASP : Standard size connector
Model : HD-1*0
Specifications of HD-1000 series
Model HD-1300
Waterproof specifications
(Equivalent to IPX5)
Display LCD with Backlight
Input connector ASP model: HD-1*0* / ANP model: HD-1*5*
Channel 1ch
Input type Thermocouple Input: Type E, K (HD-1*0*) Not switchable
Thermocouple Input: Type E, K, J, T or R (HD-1*5*) Not switchable
Signal source resistance MAX 500Ω
Measurement Range Table 1
Measurement Accuracy Table 2
Reference junction
compensation accuracy
±0.2°C at 25°C±10°C [±0.4°F at 77°F±18°F]
Temperature Coefficient ±0.01% of F/S per °C [±0.01% of F/S per °F] (F/S : full scale)
Environment Operation 0 to 40°C, 0 to 80%RH (Non condensing)
32 to 104°F, 0 to 80%RH (Non condensing)
Storage -20 to 50°C, 0 to 85%RH (Non condensing)
-4 to 122°F, 0 to 85%RH (Non condensing)
Battery life 300 h 150 h 150 h
Power supply Dry battery 4 AA Alkali Batteries
AC power AC-Adaptor (Option)
Sampling rate approx.300ms
Plinearlizer Digital Linearizer method (Compliant with IEC 60584-1 (2013))
Dimensions approx. 76(w)×167(H)×36(D) mm [Protruded parts excluded]
Weight approx. 350g [Include Batteries]
Supplied accessories Manual,Test report,Soft case,Hand strap,4 AA Alkaline batteries
Alarm output Cable
Analog output Cable
Analog Output 1mV/°C (Table 3) 10mV/°C (Table 3)
Alarm Output (Table 4) (Table 4) (Table 4)
Memory function
°C / °F Change
Compatible standards CE Marking, RoHS
Table 1 : Measurement Range 
Thermocouple Type °C
1°C Resolution 0.1°C Resolution
E -200 to 800°C -100.0 to 500.0°C
K -200 to 1370°C
J -200 to 1100°C
T -200 to 400°C -100.0 to 400.0°C
R 0 to 1760°C
Thermocouple Type °F
1°F Resolution 0.1°F Resolution
E -328 to 1472°F -148.0 to 932.0°F
K -328 to 2498°F
J -328 to 2012°F
T -328 to 752°F -148.0 to 752.0°F
R 32 to 3200°F
* Switches automatically to 1°C resolution range when messured temperatures fall outside the 0.1°C resolution range.
Table 2 : Measurement Accuracy 
Type °C
E, K, J, T 0.1°C Resolution 0°C to ± (0.05% of reading + 0.2°C)
to 0°C ± 0.5°C
1°C Resolution 0°C to ± (0.1% of reading +1°C)
to 0°C ± (0.5% of reading +1°C)
R 1°C Resolution ± (0.1% of reading +3°C)
Type °F
E, K, J, T 0.1°F Resolution 32°F to ± (0.05% of reading + 0.4°F)
to 32°F ± 0.5°F
1°F Resolution 32°F to ± (0.1% of reading + 2°F)
to 32°F ± (0.5% of reading +2°F)
R 1°F Resolution ± (0.1% of reading +6°F)
Table 3 : Analog Output 
Model HD-1301 HD-1302
Rate 1mV/°C 10mV/°C
Range All range at 1°C resolution All range at 0.1°C resolution
Resistance 100Ω
Accuracy ± (0.15% of F/S + 1mV) at 25°C±5°C
± (0.15% of F/S + 1mV)±(0.01% of F/S) except 25°C±5°C
* F/S : full scale
Table 4 : Alarm Output 
Output Pattern Upper Limit Lower Limit
More than upper limit H (5V) L (0V)
Between upper and lower limit L (0V) L (0V)
Less than lower limit L (0V) H (5V)
* Signal current of up to 5mA can be taken out.