Model  ACSⅡ  series
Temperature Calibration System
Model ACSⅡ series products are temperature calibration systems for surface temperature and internal temperature measuring devices.
Temperatures can be set across a wide range, from room temperature to 500°C. These calibration systems are designed for calibration or to check temperature measuring probes.
ACSⅡ-1000  For Surface Temperature Max. 300°C
Temperature Calibration System
ACSⅡ-2000  For Surface Temperature Max. 500°C
Temperature Calibration System
Please specify a power supply voltage when ordering (choose from 100 VAC, 115 VAC, or 230 VAC)
Overall Accuracy
Model ACSⅡ-1000 ACSⅡ-2000 ACSⅡ-3000 ACSⅡ-4000
Calibration Object Surface Internal Surface Internal
Range Rt to 100°C +0.5 / -0.7°C +0.5 / -0.7°C ±0.26°C +0.4 / -0.6°C ±0.26°C
100 to 200°C +0.5 / -1.1°C +0.5 / -1.1°C ±0.32°C +0.3 / -0.9°C ±0.32°C
200 to 300°C +0.5 / -1.5°C +0.5 / -1.5°C ±0.37°C +0.1 / -1.1°C ±0.37°C
300 to 400°C +0.4 / -2.0°C ±0.43°C +0.2 / -1.5°C ±0.43°C
400 to 500°C -0.1 / -2.9°C ±0.48°C -0.9 / -2.2°C ±0.48°C
Control Unit
Model ACSⅡ-1000 ACSⅡ-2000 ACSⅡ-3000 ACSⅡ-4000
Surface Range Rt to 300°C Rt to 500°C Rt to 500°C
Internal Range Rt to 500°C Rt to 500°C
Control Principle PID auto-Tuning Control
Control Input Pt 100Ω, ø3.2
Accuracy ±(0.2% of reading)°C
Display 8mm high LED display
Input Pt 100Ω, ø4.8
Accuracy ±(0.05% of reading +0.05)°C
Display 12.5mm high LED display
Power Consumption App.160W App.700W App.1600W
Dimensions (mm) 320(W)×177(H)×350(D) 430(W)×177(H)×350(D)
Weight App.4.5kg App.5.0kg
Calibration Unit
Model ACSⅡ-1000 ACSⅡ-2000 ACSⅡ-3000 ACSⅡ-4000
Testing Surface (mm) ø78 ø100 150×150
Test Point 8 holes based on specified dimension
Temp. Distribution ±0.1°C
Heater 150W 600W 1500W
Dimensions (mm) 260(W)×130(H)×260(D) 390(W)×230(H)×360(D) 450(W)×405(H)×400(D)
Weight App.7kg App.20kg App.70kg
Overheating prevention mechanism Bimetal breaker
Heating time Rt → 150°C 20min Rt → 250°C 20min Rt → 250°C 60min
Rt → 300°C 40min Rt → 500°C 50min Rt → 500°C 150min
Cooling time 300 → 150°C 20min 500 → 250°C 30min 500 → 250°C 220min
150 → 50°C 40min 250 → 50°C 70min 250 → 100°C 430min
Supplied accessories
Model ACSⅡ-1000 ACSⅡ-2000 ACSⅡ-3000 ACSⅡ-4000
Supplied accessories Power cable,Heater cable, Sensor cable, Manual,Test report
Protective cover for calibration block Standard sensor for calibration
(Pt 100Ω platinum resistor)