Company Profile
Company Name : Anritsu Meter Co., Ltd.
Head Office : 2-4-5, Shimomeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0064, JAPAN
Phone : 81-3-3491-9181Telefax : 81-3-3493-6729
Establishment : September 9, 1949

Extensive experience, unique technology and hard commitment backed by advanced manufacturing technique has made Anritsu Meter Co., Ltd. ready for future challenges.

Anritsu Meter Co., Ltd. was established in 1949 as manufacturer of electronic measuring instrument.
In 1963, Anritsu Meter Co., Ltd. has started a new episode in the science of thermometry probes and highly accurate electronic thermometers.
A pioneer in the field of surface temperature measurement, Anritsu Meter Co., Ltd. aims to provide even more reliable methods of evaluating surface temperature.
At present we produce more than 10000 kinds of probes which have earned us highest respect world wide.

Anritsu Meter Co., Ltd. a leader in temperature measurement technology has played an active role in enhancement of temperature measuring techniques in all types of industry.
Our commitment to quality product, market need and advance technology has resulted in a wide variety of products than have contributed to rapid expansion of thermometry science into areas such as conservation energy and resources